TEAK 123 best teak garden furniture manufacturer wholesale in Indonesia


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Teak is popular for chaise lounges and other recumbent seating because it is more durable and better crafted than most plastic loungers and will not get hot in the sun like metal loungers. Since these chairs are heavy, they often have two or more wheels for easy transport from place to place.

Teak123 product that is comfortable with their high backs, their contoured seats and their wide armrests. The armrests provide ample room for food and beverages for comfortable meals while reclining with no table required, making them popular with outdoor caf├ęs and bistros as they offer seating and a small place for food without needing any table.

Indonesia has many beach and shore and we know what the best and appropriate furniture for enjoying the beauty of beach and shore. Teak 123 furniture manufacturer with high quality material.wholesale outdoor furniture from Indonesian made from Indonesian teak.price and quality guarantee.


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