mikrotik indonesia rackmount routerboard RB 1200


RB 1200 mikrotik indonesia rackmount routerboard  RB 1200 The new and affordable rackmount router.

It has ten individual gigabit Ethernet ports, five of them can be connected together in one 5-port switch group. RB1200 has a SODIMM slot with bundled 512MB of RAM, a beeper and a serial port.

It has no moving parts and it’s operation is completely silent, optional fan header is available. The RB1200 comes in a 1U aluminium rackmount case by online mikrotik indonesia

Product code RB/1200
CPU speed 1000MHz
Architecture PPC
LAN ports 10
Gigabit Yes
MiniPCI No
miniPCI-e No
Integrated Wireless No
Memory Cards 1
Memory card type microSD
Power Jack 110/220V
802.3af support No
PoE No
Voltage Monitor No
Temperature sensor No
Dimensions 1U case: 44 x 176 x 442 mm, 1200g. Board only: 365g
Operating System RouterOS
RouterOS License Level6
  • RackMount RouterBoard (RB1100 & RB1200) with 2 expansion slots. Expansion cards could be: mcpi-x for 3G with sim card reader, another is: 2 SFP slots, another is: 2 USB ports
  • (Votes: 85) ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL2 modem support on RB4xx/7xx board (maybe in the form of a mini-pci card? USB ?, or even better - port RouterOS to Broadcom BCM6368 Single chip xDSL router, RB750GD/R, or USB DSL Modem (like Zyxel 660RU or 630S) ) In RB250GS have one space for put USB port, if use this case in RB750GU and put any ADSL USB modem or 3G modem [EXCELLENT!!]
  • (Votes: 39) Voltage monitor (meaning input POE voltage) + access via SNMP
  • (Votes: 34) Temperature Monitoring (environment temp and CPU temp), be able to use it in scripting for reporting or decision making purpose + access via SNMP
  • (Votes: 33) SFP slots for copper/fiber GBICs on the highend RB's (SFP slots could then be used for fiber to the home FTTH projects)
  • (Votes: 20) Routerboard that support 802.16/e (WiMax) mini-PCI
  • (Votes: 20) FULL 802.3af compatibility power over DATA LINES! (merged 5 votes from "New routerboard Like 433AH with 48V POE - 802.3AF - more support poe switch´s") & 802.3at (PoE+)
  • (Votes: 18) Connectors that can be monitored with routeros e.g. (monitor open box or water on box, if is open or close with script send a email) (merged with i2c bus request, it's the same thing - 10/4/09 TB) (at least one i2c master port)

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